Welcome to the PACTA Knowledge Hub!

General information, FAQs, and more

About the PACTA Knowledge Hub

PACTA Knowledge Hub (the "Hub") provides comprehensive information on Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) tool, usage, methodologies and interpretation of results.

The online PACTA tools, available for free via transitionmonitor.com, allows individuals, banks, institutions, researchers and many others to better understand their portfolio's exposure to transition risk. Currently there are three means to apply the PACTA methodology to a financial portfolio:

  • Individually equity and corporate bond portfolio here

  • As part of the coordinated PACTA2020 project here

  • On a lending portfolio by using the software available from September 2020

The Hub is a step-by-step guide for all PACTA tool users. The Hub provides users with the following information:

  • How to use the tools;

  • How user data is protected;

  • How PACTA analysis works (methodology and data sources);

  • How to interpret the results and utilize them in practice;

  • Answers to frequently asked questions such as trouble-shooting, etc. These answered can be found in the "FAQ" page under each section.

About 2° Investing Initiative

2° Investing Initiative (2DII) is an international, non-profit think tank working to align financial markets and regulations with the Paris Agreement goals. Working globally with offices in Paris, New York, Berlin, and London, we coordinate the world’s largest research projects on climate metrics in financial markets.

Our work includes research, engagement activities and policy work. As part of this work, 2°ii developed the first climate scenario analysis tool (PACTA) for financial portfolios, applied by over 200 financial institutions and three financial supervisory authorities to date. 2°ii also initiated the first climate-related financial regulation in Europe in the context of the French mandatory climate-related disclosure by financial institutions (Art. 173), in addition partnering with the Swiss government on 2°C scenario analysis, involving two-thirds of the Swiss pension funds and insurance market. For more information, please visit our website.


The European Commission, several national governments and international organizations, foundations and investors fund our work at 2DII. Our governance and funding structure is designed to be diversified and multi-stakeholder. This helps ensure that our research does not represent a particular interest group, but rather our best understanding of the truth.

We have no commercial contracts and provide all of our research open source and IP rights free. This policy minimizes financial conflicts of interest and guarantees the public good driven nature of our work.

For more information please visit www.2degrees-investing.org.